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Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery Services from the Experts

RAAR Group USA, LLC.’s asset recovery services are designed with one goal in mind – helping you maximize the value of your idle or surplus assets and obtain capital that can be placed back into your business.

Our unique combination of diversified experience and unparalleled professional expertise is what makes RAAR Group USA, LLC. asset recovery specialists stand out and deliver.  With over (32) years in the industry, RAAR Group USA, LLC. has acquired the expertise to efficiently match assets for sale with qualified buyers.  As specialists in the industrial marketplace, we have developed relationships that bring together an international network of buyers for all asset categories.  Our auction set-up and site managers are the best in the industry, bar none!

RAAR Group USA Asset Recovery Services Deliver Maximum Value

Buyers all over the world respect our knowledge, integrity, honesty, committed customer service and the fact that our auctioneers, appraisers and project managers are all seasoned experts.  Our extensive buyer database enables us to target strategic buyers both on a product and a geographic basis.

RAAR Group USA, LLC. is widely recognized in our industry for creative marketing and advertising campaigns, valuation expertise, understanding diverse asset compositions, successful disposition and recovery methods and processes, and providing our clients a Turn-Key Solution that encompasses complete project requirements. We respond and move quickly to provide our clients with the information they need to make sound financial decisions.

RAAR Group USA Asset Recovery & Disposition Methods include:

·         Live On-Site with Global Webcast Auction Sales

·         Global On-Line Auction Sales

·         Orderly Liquidations

·         Private Negotiated Sales

·         Sell as Going Concern

·         Sale Leaseback

We adapt our methods to clients’ requirements and customize sales to address the individual client’s needs.  RAAR Group USA, LLC. is able to provide its services for one location or across multiple locations; perform disposition services at the designated location or from a remote location; sell the assets in their original place of use or move the assets to another location.

Furthermore, RAAR Group USA, LLC. offers a superior buying and selling experience with the most accurate product descriptions, high-quality photos and unmatched customer service.  Ask our buyers—RAAR Group USA, LLC. auctions are organized, professional and cost effective!

·         Item photos and details are on RAAR Group USA, LLC. within (24) hours for immediate marketplace discovery

·         Our refined database is rapidly engaged to market to a targeted worldwide audience, using a blend of traditional and progressive media

·         Beyond media promotion, we directly contact closest industry contacts and personally invite them to participate

·         Our live and online technology customizes every bidding experience to a client’s desires

·         Superior care is given to removal of assets and facilities are left in clean, broom-swept conditions

If you have surplus equipment to sell, please contact us for a free confidential consultation.

RAAR Group USA, LLC. specializes in creating liquidity for anyone with idle or marginally productive assets.  RAAR Group USA, LLC.’s operations include selling entire plants, multiple plant locations, or surplus individual items by auction or liquidation and much more. Past auctions include recognizable names such as Northrop Grumman (several locations); General Motors; GE Capital; Snecma; L- 3 Communications; Cincinnati, Inc., Triumph Aerostructures and many others. We are to assist your company with our professional asset recovery services. 




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